Which milk pasteurizer is right for you?

Would you like to buy a new milk pasteurizer? At Milky Day, we have several options available that can work for you depending on your specific goals. So, to make the best choice, you need to consider milk pasteurizer size, capacity, power supply, component parts, functionality, and price.

Let’s take a look at the Milky family, which presents a complete product line of milk pasteurizers: small, medium, and large. However, any milk pasteurizer in this collection is multi-functional, which means it can be used to make a vast variety of both dairy and non-dairy products: pasteurized milk, juice, cheese, yoghurt, curd.

Milky FJ 15

Milky FJ 15 is one of the most popular milk pasteurizers in the Milky Day store. In fact, it’s a great device for both small dairy farmers and households. This all-in-one mini milk pasteurizer, cheese and yoghurt kettle has a removable container with 14 L (3.7 Gal) capacity. It’s the best solution when you need to pasteurize a relatively small amount of milk or juice, make cheese or other dairy products for your own consumption or local markets.

This mini milk pasteurizer and cheese making kettle has an electronic control panel, where you can handle pasteurization time and liquid temperature. Due to the compact size, Milky FJ 15 can easily fit into any kitchen. Whether you own a family micro-dairy farm or you simply want to make organic and healthy dairy products at home, Milky FJ 15 is a must-have machine that will save you tonnes of time and even help you to start your own business.

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