Feeding Systems

Reliable, Accurate and Durable

Time taken to feed cows in a parlour can be utilized to give precisely controlled quantities of meal. In the case of high yielding cows this may take the form of a supplement in Out-Of- Parlour feeding. Whatever the system, the price of meal demands that feeding must be carried out with the utmost accuracy.
Pearson offers a range of feeding systems from low level, easily fitted manually operated systems, to fully automatic, electronically controlled systems.

Tru-Feed – In Parlour

The Pearson Tru-Feed In Parlour feed systems come in two options:

Rugged construction

The Pearson Tru-Feed systems are constructed of a large blow molded feed hopper.

Extremely accurate

Tru-feed system – portion accurate to 100g

Vermin and splash proof

All Pearson Tru-feed hoppers have vermin proof and splash proof feed lids to ensure the feed inside the hopper is kept dry and in good condition.

Tru-Feed – Control

Different dairy farms require different feeding controls in the milking pit. Whether it’s an all year round calving platform or single calving platform Pearson offer controls to suit your herd.

Multi feed control

The Multi feed control unit allows feed amounts to be entered from a single box in the milking pit. Individual feed amounts may be entered into the unit as the cows enter the parlour.

Touch feed control

For single calving herd platforms batch controls and in- dividual unit controls may be installed.
Once the cows have entered the parlour a batch amount is given to the row of cows from any keypad.
While at the unit before cluster application the cow may be topped up by the individual control unit.

Automatic Feed to yield

If Pearsons milk meters, herd management and auto identification system is installed on the milking parlour, feeding to yield may be used. Cows may be set on a feed curve following the cows lactation, milk yield or calving time.

Out of Parlour feeders

The Pearson out of parlour feed system can offer total control for feeding dairy cows. To get the best performance from your herd, Pearson allow a maximum of four different feed types to be mixed & dispensed to the cow. A liquid additive within each feed station may be installed.

Smart Operation

The feed falls into the feed trough at the same time from the synthetic hopper. Once the feed has been dispensed the anti-spill valve automatically closes the auger of the feeder. This stops any feed falling into the trough, preventing animals bumping the feeder to release more meal.


The parlour electronics are thoroughly tested during and after the production process, and are mount- ed in the actual feeding stations. This guarantees simple and quick installation, and results in reliable, low maintenance operation of the feeding station and its electronics.

Flexi Auger Systems

The Pearson Auger System contains a 90mm outer sleeve and a 70mm inner spiral which allows it to carry nuts and mixed ration. A motor is mounted at each side of the parlour at the ends of the auger pipe pulling the nuts from the bin. This eliminates any drop down boxes or corner gear boxes being needed.

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