About Us

STI GB LIMITED, part of the British group designs and manufactures processing equipment for dairy, fruit juices and beverage industries. We can supply single machines as well as complete processing solutions (including turnkey plants), customized according to the specific requirements of each customer.

The design of our plants foresees the selection of high-quality components, being careful also to the international presence of the manufacturers, in order to guarantee the prompt availability of spare parts and support in case of need. Our daughter company STI GB LIMITED was founded as process engineering company with activity designs, manufactures, supplies, installation, commissioning into operation processing equipment for pasteurizing and drying of eggs, milk, juice etc. in the food industry. The equipment we are offering is used for many years with success. Our big advantage is that the client can come to our production plant and see how the equipment is working and we can share with you some details of the processing.

The attention to energy saving is a priority during the design phase; this is achieved by using proper components such as high efficiency electric motors which reduce the daily consumption. The same criterion is applied to the dimensioning of the heat exchanger, the core of the pasteurization plant, raising the maximum heat recovery so that the consumption of services (steam and chilled water) is drastically reduced, and the producer can get a considerable optimization of their resources. Electronic components are also carefully selected to ensure the highest degree of reliability of our equipment. To be more efficient and closer to the customers, our machinery is equipped on request with remote control system, for real time assistance through long distance excess if required.