At STIGB Limited, there are multiple milk control units to suit the needs of the operator. Global Control Unit, P50, i100, i500 Control Unit

At STIGB Limited, there are multiple Auto Start Systems we offer. The Pearson Auto Lift Start, starts the unit by the cluster being lifted. 

Whether it’s a large herd dairy or a family farm with one operator Pearsons ProSelect drafting systems is an essential tool for the day to day running on the farm.

STIGB Milking Parlour Monitor is a state of the art touch screen system. This system is integrated into the Vision system and allowed for the simplest visual 

At STIGB Limited, we have two types of milk measurement devices; the Apollo Milk Meter and the Pulsa Milk Meter.

Vision Herd Management provides the user with data storage and analysis tools, helping dairy farmers make the right decisions for more efficient farming.