Milk Measurement

At STIGB Limited, we have two types of milk measurement devices; the Apollo Milk Meter and the Pulsa Milk Meter.

The Apollo Milk Meter features include; precise milk measurement on high yielding free flowing cow, view milk yield of a cow that helps the operator make decisions on the amount of feed for the cow along with illness and dry off dates. These milk meters are manufactured from the highest grade of materials to ensure the longest possible life for all components. Because washing is a hugely important feature with any milk flask, the water enters the meter as a fast rate and creates turbulence within the milk meter and so washes every surface. The Apollo Milk Meter also has a milk sampling device available and can be used with both P50 and i100 control units.

The Pulsa Milk Meter is approved by the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR). It accurately records milk yield and flow thus providing the farmer with key information for better herd management. The features of the Pulsa Milk Meter include; accurate weight milk measurement with no disturbance to the milk or air flow, includes a milk sampling device, the Pulsa Meter is compatible with the i100 control unit providing information in the parlour. It has a compact and durable design meaning low service costs and low maintenance with minimal calibration required.


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