Fresh Milk Chiller

STI GB LIMITED, part of the British group designs and manufactures processing equipment for dairy, fruit juices and beverage industries. We can supply single machines as well as complete processing solutions (including turnkey plants), customized according to the specific requirements of each customer.

Fresh Milk Chiller

Model/Type: EZY 2000

Fresh milk chiller comprising following accessories (this unit to be connected with milk plate cooler) for initial chilling of receiving fresh and recombined milk.

Glycol water tanks eliminate the need for long runs of refrigerant piping, therefore reducing the risk and expense of losing refrigerant to the environment. Glycol chillers offer a variety of redundancy options to ensure that your milk is always chilled when you need it. From multiple refrigeration circuits with standard lead-lag control to auto-changeover pumps, our units are designed to ensure that your process is not halted.

  • Capacity: 2000L/H
  • Make/Brand: EASY COOL
  • Compressor power : 40HPX2
  • Model/Type: EZY 2000
  • Country of origin : UK
  • Mounting: SKID MOUNTED

Fresh Milk Chiller

The milk chilling machine will contains minimum 2 x air cooled semi-hermetic compressors formed two refrigeration circuits and each circuit containing one compressor which will be capable of cooling individually (capable to provide 100% back up). The gas line (compressor, condenser, receiver, evaporator) of the unit will have separation by the gas control valve or solenoid valve for each circuit.

Large scale chillers are designed to reach proper milk temperature in a single pass without the need of storage tanks. Single pass chilling reduces the cooling time and extends the shelf life of the milk. Cleanable plate and frame heat exchangers combined with precision-controlled glycol tanks make short work of even the biggest dairy job.

• Low temperature capability – down to as low as -12 °C
• Quiet operation – low noise level of 68.5 dBA @ 10 metres
• Semi harmatic compressor – energy efficient • Economical – reducing running costs
• Fast connecting line couplings – for simple and fast installation
• Provides both heating and cooling – for all year-round use
• Fully portable – can be positioned more easily
• Robust construction – will stand up to the rigours of industrial use

Glycol water circulation pump

Model/Type: EZY10

Glycol water circulation pump, Model/Type: EZY10

– Product inlet temperature : +36°C (Fresh milk)
– Capable of cooling: +4°C
– Product flow rate : 2000L/H
– Heat condenser capacity: 450kw
– No of cooling fan : 6 nos
– Type of refrigeration gas: R404A
– Type of cooling: AIR COOLED
– Cooling media: GLYCOL WATER
– Glycol tank size : SS 600 L
– Design ambient temp: +50°C
– Glycol water circulation pump: 2 NOS

• Capacity: 20Ton/H
• Model/type: EZY 10
• Country of origin: UK

– Cooling system/type: SHELL & TUBE
– Operations: Automatic operations by digital thermal controller
– Electric control panel for suitable operation of milk receving unit

Glycol Water Tank

Capacity: 600L

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