Dairy innovation trends 2022 for small and medium-sized farms

Every year, a new development impacts the dairy industry. This year is no exception. There are plenty of new trends that can allow us to gain a better understanding of what our next move should be to bring customers exactly what they need.

However, many of these trends are quite useless for small and medium-sized farms. So we decided to pick out only the most suitable trends for you to save your time and effort.

dairy eco-friendly movement


The main trend is dictated by the eco-friendly movement that’s been going on for years now. Small and medium-sized farms are already quite sustainable because they don’t have huge factories or herds that cause a negative impact on the environment. But there is always room for improvement.

Research from 2020 shows that 67% of consumers care about the health of our planet, and they prefer producers that have the same outlook. We can be sure that this number has only grown since then. Therefore, it’s vital to analyze the way you manage your farm and adjust it to the expectations of consumers.

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